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We offer comprehensive solutions for personal health monitoring and tele-rehabilitation

The greatest contribution we can make to our Defenders, Patients and Professionals who are on guard of our Health behind them is confidence. This is what we have been striving for since 2010, thanks to innovative solutions in health monitoring, vascular, heart, disease risk with AI, and rehabilitation space informatisation. Solutions for personalised tele-rehabilitation, multidisciplinary teams and an Expert System to optimise rehabilitation. Whether it's improving the daily quality of life or monitoring vital signs, providing rehabilitation and fitness centres (departments) with modern information tools, we strive for clinical excellence and improved quality of life.


Information system Oranta-AO is embodied on the basis of the method Arterial oscillography (Vakulenko DV, Vakulenko LO), which offers a new application of electronic pressure gauges


ARTERIAL OSCILLOGRAPHY - a unique technology for analysis of pulsations during blood pressure measurement


Much more information can be obtained from the blood pressure measurement procedure.
The Oranta-AO information system (IS) is implemented on the basis of the Arterial Oscillography method (DV Vakulenko, LO Vakulenko), which offers a new application for electronic pressure meters. The pulsations recorded in the cuff when measuring pressure carry much more information than the values ​​of blood pressure and heart rate.
IS Oranta-AO allows you to assess the function of the heart, blood vessels, autonomic and central nervous system. The caused load by the squeezed cuff causes an adaptive reaction of an organism that gives the chance to estimate in addition adaptive potential, level of health, coherence of adaptive reaction of an organism.

The use of arterial oscillography makes it possible to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the functional state of the cardiovascular system, its backup capabilities;
  • To study the condition of blood vessels: their tone, elasticity, quality of adaptation to different levels of compression when measuring blood pressure;
  • Assess the level of health, pre-disease, effectiveness of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation measures.
  • Determine blood sugar levels with an accuracy of ± 10%
  • Determine the indicators of some indicators of Blood by General and Biochemical Analysis, Coagglomeration, Vascular Stiffness, ECG, Rheogram, etc.
  • With the help of the Expert System it is possible to differentially diagnose the risks of heart, lung, mental diseases, COVID-19 diseases.

Technical solution

1. A special algorithm for calculating the AO values ​​is added to the pressure gauge device and displayed on the monitor.

2. By modifying the program of the processor of the pressure gauge, the data is wirelessly transmitted to the web application to the personal account of the user.

The introduction of the proposed technology in healthcare practice allows to improve the prevention, diagnosis, early rehabilitation and treatment of the cardiovascular system (CVD). Thus, the proposed information technology allows health professionals to expand information about the cardiovascular system of patients, to promote early detection of premorbid and prenosological conditions and helps to plan diagnosis and therapy. They will be useful for general practitioners, pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, researchers, in the field of sports and space medicine, patients during mass examinations, when admitting children to physical education classes (Rufier's test). General practitioners (or other users) with an electronic tick meter and software will be able to monitor the condition of the cardiovascular system and peripheral vessels according to the proposed criteria.



Start of research, examined 2000+ patients for 10 years


Software development


Obtaining national patents, defense of a doctoral dissertation by the method of arterial oscillography




Receiving a USF grant, filing a PCT priority patent application


Clinical trials and certification


Device manufacturing, patenting and certification in Europe and America




EXPRESS diagnostics by means of the device for measurement of pressure which allows to investigate:

  • The level of health and adaptive resource of the organism
  • Central and peripheral circulation
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Risks of heart, lung, mental and COVID-19 diseases with a reliability of 85-97%
  • Prediction of blood parameters with a reliability above 90%
To use IS "Oranta-AO" you need a devices that supports work with "Oranta-AO" information system, create a profile (register) on the site and install Oranta-AO mobile application on a mobile phone. After the measurement, almost instantly calculated indicators are displayed in the personal account of the user.

Devices supported by the Oranta Information system

Blood pressure monitors


Blood pressure monitor BAT41-2 is an automated sphygmomanometer, which operates on the oscillometric method, and is designed for one-time measurements and daily monitoring of blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR).



Oranta-MIS Medical Rehabilitation Information System

- is a comprehensive solution for rehabilitation centers (departments), centers of Integrative Medicine with the ability to plan, record, monitor the work of specialists, patients

Developed according to world Rehab standards and WHO Rehabilitation 2030 Initiative

  • Personal TeleRehab with online and offline patient management support
  • Formation of rehabilitation goals according to the patient's needs
  • Use of CPCS-2, ICD and ICF classifiers and more than 50 sets of ICF codes for various diseases and proprietary sets
  • Teleconsultation using a video service certified in Europe
  • Involvement of necessary specialists for complex solution of patient requests (speech therapist, psychologist, Physical therapist, occupational therapist)
  • Services Individual creation of a massage program (classical and segmental)
  • Support for Oranta-AO service for tele-diagnostics
  • Accounting for financial services provided by healers
  • Display scheduled events in each user's calendar
  • Individual development of a rehabilitation programme, taking into account the means of morning and individual gymnastics, exercise therapy
  • Flexible system of entering branches, services, equipment and specialists.
  • Keeping records of employees, their assignments and their implementation
  • Administration of a healthcare facility, invoicing
  • Individual multimedia support (exercises and psychological modelling)
  • Booking a room and a bed with optimized bed capacity